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30 & 31 October 2019, Hotel Grand Hyatt, Kochi, Kerala, India


About Global Ayurveda Summit

Ayurveda is recognised as a system of medicine indigenous to India, which includes both medicinal products and health services. The origin of Ayurveda traces back to 5000 years old Indian Vedic teachings based on fundamental philosophies about life, disease and health. Ayurveda is regarded as one of the oldest healthcare systems in the world. Over the millenniums, Ayurveda has not only sustained the changing outlook and demands for health services due to the invasion of modern methods of treatment but, it has grown to be renowned all across the world.

The Ayurveda sector, the total estimated market size of Indian Ayurveda industry is USD 3 billion, which includes both Ayurveda products (ethical, classical, Over the Counter (OTC), personal care and beauty products) and services (medical, well-being, payor and medical tourism services). The Indian Ayurveda Sector is expected to grow at 16% CAGR in the next 5 years.

Ayurveda – as practiced and utilized by Indians at large since centuries, is going global by virtue of its unique blend of science and philosophy that balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components necessary for holistic health.

The Summit

Global Ayurveda Summit 2019: Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is glad to announce the 3rd edition of the “Global Ayurveda Summit” at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Kochi Kerala on 30 & 31 October 2019.

It is an international annual event started to serve as a force to galvanize Ayurvedic sector to aspire, plan and achieve greater heights. Previous editions has successfully showcased Ayurveda on a global platform multi-dimensionally with comprehensive coverage of everything from textual traditions to healing traditions, from policies to products and from research to economics and events for discussions, deliberations and decisions.

It is also a Global Knowledge Platform to meet national and global leaders in Ayurveda, Health, Wellness, Neutraceuticals, Medicinal Plants & Tourism fields. The impact of the previous Summits has heightened our responsibility, renewed the corporate interest and enhanced the academic and public expectations.

International Conference

The conferences support the establishment of Ayurveda as a prevention-oriented, perfect health care system for the world, a system that is authentic and reliable. The Conference aims to establish Ayurveda as the most ancient, scientific and holistic health care system, which is capable of leading the world towards an increasingly disease-free society. Since Ayurveda is cost effective and easy to implement, it is capable of bringing about self-sufficiency in health care in every nation.

World experts in the field of Ayurveda come together and bring out a new depth of understanding of Ayurveda. New breakthrough scientific researches on Ayurveda are presented, and In-depth formulation of policies to make Ayurveda available in totality throughout the world is discussed.

Key Objective

  • Understanding investment opportunities in Indian Healthcare Industry.
  • Awareness of Ayurveda in Global Marketplace & position India & Kerala as an emerging hub.
  • Unearth Potential for Exports / Imports of Ayurveda Medicines / Services.
  • Standardisation of Manufacturing & Services (Quality).
  • Connecting Eco-Tourism & Health sector seamlessly.
  • Acceptance of Ayurveda into mainstream healthcare – Create global market place for Ayurveda
  • Position Ayurveda as a solution for global health challenges – Brand Ayurveda as the way of life.


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Key Elements

‘AyurStart’ – Startup Competition

First ever Ayurveda Startups Competition in India – based on present challenges and new opportunities; attract young minds to come up with out of the box ideas; The best ideas to be mentioned, incubated and also funded by the Industry; Structured Startup Mentor meetings.


Knowledge Platform to meet Global and National leaders in Ayurveda and related fields; Share New ideas and solutions; Trace Growth Trends, Study future opportunities and address the challenges.


Individuals, institutions and organizations in the field of Ayurveda represent an apparently diverse, yet inherently unified, styles, methods, products and services. Global Ayurveda Expo will be the platform to exhibit everything made, served and sold in the name of Ayurveda to a global community.

B2B and B2G Meetings

Structured prescheduled meetings: Representatives of Central & State level Government officers, R&D Institutions; Entrepreneurs, Startups; Service Providers; Partners, Associates, Collaborators.

Ayurveda Startup Competition

Ayurstart2019 is the Ayurvedic startup competition, conducted as part of the Global Ayurveda Summit organised by Confederation of Indian Industry on 30 & 31 October 2019, Hotel Grand Hyatt, Kochi, Kerala.


Meet Our Speakers


Tourism Industry

International Travel & Tours

Specialised Hospitals

Testing equipment manufacturers

Manufactures of products, medicines, props, equipment

Medicine Manufacturers

Cosmeceutical Producers & Beauty professionals

Plant cultivators, Seed dealers, Plant drug supplies, Plant extractors

Healthcare Tour Operators

Research Institutes

Bio-pharmaceutical Producers & Bio-fertilizers Producers

Educational Institutes


Ayurveda Product Manufacturing Companies

Beauty and Neutraceutical products

Food, Agro, Biotech, Cosmetics, IT, Packaging & allied machineries among others.

Ayurveda Hospitals & Clinics

Hotels and Resorts

Wellness Centre

Manufacturers of Health and Diet food / Dietary Supplements

Manufacturers of Treatment Equipments & Accessories

Medicinal Plant & Production equipment dealers

Generic Medicine manufacturer

Slimming Centres & Diet Clinics, Fitness Equipment & Products

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Global Ayurveda Summit 2019: Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is glad to announce the 3rd edition of the “Global Ayurveda Summit” at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Kochi Kerala on 30 & 31 October 2019. It is an international annual event started to serve as a force to galvanize Ayurvedic sector.

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Destination Kerala

The event is scheduled in Kerala State, located in the southern part of India, known globally as God’s Own Country underscoring its strength not only as a world-class tourist destination, but also as a fast emerging investment destination for corporates due to its highly literate population and enhanced quality of life.